Lecture capture at ISE

Rebecca Paddick spoke to lecture capture experts Panopto about how its software is offering a core service to higher education

Panopto has seen significant growth in recent years thanks to the mass adoption of lecture capture software in UK universities. The company’s core business grew 40% last year, and it doubled the year before that. Panopto can now boast more than a quarter of universities in the UK among its clients.

As sales director JJ van Delsen told me at the Panopto stand earlier today, the UK really has led the way for Europe. ‘Over the last three years we have seen that universities are now offering lesson capture as a core service to their students. It’s something students and lecturers will find incredibly useful. It will save both parties lots of time but most importantly it will enhance learning.”

The company’s video capture and management software can record any type of input, with any equipment.

A handy feature is the built-in video search, which automatically captures the content of slides and transcribes the lecture. Students can search for a keyword, and Panopto will fast forward them to the precise moment in the lecture where the word appears.

Students can also make notes within the video that are either private or public – allowing them to create what JJ calls a ‘a social learning environment’.

Interestingly, Panopto started working within the school sector just last year, something JJ expects to see more of in the months ahead. “We’ve found that schools use the software slightly differently,” he explained.

“It often helps with teacher training and reporting on practical subjects such as cookery and PE. This really is a key point because it shows how lesson capture can be adapted to different audiences.”

Panopto prove that universities, and now schools, do not have to invest in expensive kit to enhance the student experience. Lecture capture is simple to set up, easy to use, and has firmly found its place in the UK education sector.

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