Life after university: what should students do next?

Sponsored: Utilising technology and other tips to help your students adjust to life post university?

For most people, being at university brings some of the best years of their life. Studying for a degree takes a lot of hard work, but it also brings a new sense of freedom, social life and the chance to grow as a person. Life as a student isn’t always easy, and that isn’t just because of the stress of assignments and exams. It’s no secret that student life can leave them short on money and comes at a high cost. With university fees now peaking at £9,000 a year, studying for the degree of their choice has never been so expensive. The majority of university courses run for around 3 years and it’s surprising how quick they fly by. Life after studying can be a massive shock to the system as it’s now their time to step into the working world and come back down to reality.

If your students feel slightly apprehensive at the thought of life after university; hopefully we can share a few tips to help them settle in to normal life.

Use Technology

The internet is a tool which should be wielded post-university. It can help with everything from finding competitively priced accommodation, relevant job openings, money saving advice and to keep friendships alive that were forged at university.

Keeping Their own space

Whether they moved away to study or not, it’s likely they’ll want to carry on having their own space. If they’ve struggled to build up their savings whilst studying at the same time, they’re not going to be able to afford their own house; meaning renting is the best option. Renting accommodation can be a lot less hassle compared to owning your own house, and can also benefit you financially. With landlords using companies like HomeLet to take out the relevant insurance, they won’t have to worry about any costly repairs or nasty surprises during their tenancy. Just because they’re no longer living in student accommodation doesn’t mean they have to move back in with their parents. For students fresh out of university, renting is the ideal solution.

Kick start your career

Students have studied a course at university for a reason; that’s what they want to do as their career, but it isn’t always as simple as that. Not many people have the privilege of graduating and then walking into their preferred job. If they’re struggling to find their desired job then it’s not something to panic about as something will come along in good time. Unless they already had a way to earn an income, they’re going to have to find a job to afford their monthly bills. There’s no harm in gaining some experience in a similar job or something completely different, whilst applying and looking for their ideal job. All experience is good experience so they shouldn’t feel like they’re doing anything wrong.

Have fun!

Leaving university starts the next chapter in their life and because they’re not a student anymore, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. A lot of people don’t want the student years to end but it’s now time to put their hard work to use and carry the skills they’ve’ learnt into the working world. Life after university isn’t as bad as it seems; so, if they don’t have a plan, there’s no need to worry, take each step as it comes.