Make learning more effective and engaging with video-assisted classrooms

ViewSonic provides a total education solution that integrates interactive display ViewBoard and software myViewBoard for teachers and students to prepare, present, and participate in the classroom

It’s no secret that video is everywhere in today’s world, with the average eight–18-year-old consuming 6–9 hours of digital media each day and 71% of three–18-year-olds accessing and using the internet at home*. But did you know that according to research (Kaltura 2018), 70% of educators use video in the classroom multiple times per week? 

With 92% of students and 83% of teachers reporting that videos have a positive impact on their classroom experiences, there’s no denying that videos are being used for teaching more than ever in today’s classrooms.

If you would like to utilise the benefits that video can bring to the classroom and are considering using the platform within lessons, video-assisted learning is for you. But what exactly is video-assisted learning, and what impact can it have on the teaching experience and the educational outcomes for students?

Why is video-assisted learning important?

Video-assisted learning is the process of acquiring defined knowledge, competence and skills with the intelligent use of audio-visual aids as instructional resources, and it has a number of benefits for teaching and learning:

● It produces better cognitive and effective learning outcomes. 

● It enables educators to experiment with digital learning tools. 

● It saves time and raises students’ interest given their proficiency with technology and appetite for online video consumption.

● It increases the retention of knowledge and stimulates understanding and aptitude. 

● It accommodates different learning styles as well as the need to foster creative and critical problem-solving skills. 

● It provides a standardised way of conveying information that can be viewed several times at any moment and from any place where video-enabled devices and internet access are available.

myViewBoard Clips allows educators to access more than 2 million licensed educational videos to enhance video-assisted learning

ViewSonic’s total solutions to education – ViewBoard + myViewBoard

ViewSonic is an education solution provider which integrates the interactive flat panel ViewBoard with software solutions myViewBoard and myViewBoard Classroom for educators. 

The pioneering system operates on an open-source philosophy and supports Google Classroom and Microsoft Education integration. It also includes a complementary file conversion function, allowing legacy files of major interactive flat-panel brands to be shared across different solution platforms. This determination to empower educators has created a new ‘open’ edtech ecosystem founded on the principles of ‘prepare, present, participate’, and has solidified ViewSonic as leaders in the next generation of edtech resources.

ViewSonic’s current education solution already supports video learning through:

Easily importable multimedia
Dragging your cloud-stored videos and YouTube videos onto the board is possible, and hosts are able to capture and record screen images and annotations in the middle of a discussion. Even the most out-of-the-box ideas can be expressed in full with a variety of writing, drawing and multimedia tools. 

Easily recording and saving of video files to integrated cloud space

The embedded cloud integration panels include Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox.

Challenges to video-assisted learning

Although video use appears to be an ideal addition to the classroom, there are challenges and concerns around how teachers obtain video content.

Concerns about time
Teachers, who are notoriously time-poor and over-burdened with demands, spend considerable time finding videos to suit their students’ needs, both for use in the classroom and as homework assignments.

Concerns about trustworthy content
Teachers tend to prefer content obtained from sources based on peer assessments and recommendations. Although colleague recommendations can be hugely valuable to the individual teacher, such recommendations may not always reach a large proportion of the teacher community.

Concerns about safety
As online safety becomes a greater concern in education, many educational institutions are restricting access to publicly accessible video platforms, thereby limiting the resources teachers have available to them. Technology could provide a solution to these issues. 

myViewBoard Clips – access to over two million educationally relevant videos

To solve the current video-assisted learning challenges, ViewSonic has recently partnered with educational video content company Boclips. ViewSonic created a new video-streaming tool, myViewBoard Clips, that allows teachers access to over two million educationally relevant videos to support their learning objectives and easily incorporate them into their lectures and other activities, free from commercial distractions and firewall restrictions.

The new learning tool contains supplementary content from Boclips’ library of over 150 trusted and renowned media partners, including TED, PBS Newshour and Bloomberg, as well as teacher favourites like Crash Course, Minute Earth and LearnZillion. With educational videos available in different formats and suitable for all age levels, myViewBoard Clips content is suitable for curriculums across the world. Access to these materials will give educators the freedom to create interactive and engaging lessons directly on the myViewBoard canvas. 

Recognising the demand from teachers for a rich and relevant in-classroom video repository that is free from commercial distractions and firewall restrictions, this partnership helps to greatly reduce teachers’ workload and also enhance student engagement.

Through the new educational video-streaming feature myViewBoard Clips, teachers will be able to find video content to support their learning objectives and easily incorporate it into their lectures and other activities, free from commercial distractions and firewall restrictions.

ViewSonic solution – the video-assisted learning platform

ViewSonic’s solution, equipped with whiteboard environment in hardware and software, is an ideal platform for video-assisted learning, providing rich annotation tools and a sleek writing experience for learning.

On ViewSonic’s digital whiteboard platform, educators can access a plethora of safe and relevant video content on top of the already well-established tools. For example, after accessing the videos, educators can explain and elaborate more clearly through adding texts, graphs, photos, diagrams, tables, illustrations, documents, browsers, apps and more beside videos on one canvas.

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