Personalised Learning 2018

Sponsored: Conor Flynn, COO of Adaptemy, lists the biggest trends driving personalised learning forward into 2018

The global edtech market will grow 17% per annum to $252bn by 2020. 855 edtech companies exist in America alone and the Chinese government has ploughed $1.7bn into the industry.

To help you stay on top of the trends, these are the biggest movements driving personalised learning forward into 2018.

Top Trend #1: AI

Trend take-away: Watch out for inaccurate terminology and be sure your solution provider explains it.

Top Trend #2: Collaboration

Trend take-away: With so many edtech companies collaborating, it’s clear this is key to continually improving and advancing education technology. If you’re looking for an edtech solution that will see you into the future, look for one that collaborates.

Top Trend #3: Accountability and analytics

Trend take-away: Start discussing the power of analytics with your clients and how they can leverage homework assessments and empower learners.

Top Trend #4: Learner-centric classrooms

Trend take-away: Personalisation is big news and not just on the high street. This trend for putting people first is influencing every aspect of life. It’s a conversation starter and a sign your schools are ready for personalised learning.

Conor Flynn is COO of Adaptemy, a company that is focused on enhancing children’s educational future through edtech.