Bridging physical and digital learning with SMART Technologies

Visitors to international technology tradeshows will be among the first to experience their ‘sixth sense’ via the exclusive ToolSenseTM innovation

SMART Technologies, a global leader in interactive education technology, has announced that its latest line-up of solutions and services will be showcased to the public at Bett (the British Educational Training and Technology Show) in London from January 22–25, 2020.

Standing as an edtech pioneer for more than three decades, SMART’s legacy of innovation is again progressing with the latest global release of its cutting-edge interactive displays. The timing of the conference is particularly exciting as attendees can personally interact with the displays and software, seeing and feeling first-hand what makes SMART’s solutions truly unmatched.

The highly anticipated ToolSenseTM technology, which bridges physical and digital learning by incorporating tactile tools, is available on the SMART Board® 6000S series. This technology is exclusive to SMART and is unique to the market. Fundamental to this new technology is that it’s intuitive – like having a sixth sense – just pick up the pen or object and interact with the board. The interactive display automatically recognises a physical object and produces a digital interaction.

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“The possibilities of the ToolSense platform are quite literally endless,” said Nicholas Svensson, SMART Technologies’ executive vice president and operations officer. “The vision is to innovate specific tool sets for all education levels and subjects based on curricula and student abilities. The fact that we can incorporate tactile learning objects brings a new level to hands-on learning in the classroom and makes it accessible for everyone.”

At Bett, visitors will be among the first to interact with the SMART Board 6000S series and experience the full line-up of the latest releases including: the enhanced SMART Board MX series, a high-value display with all the interactive essentials; and the SMART Board 7000R series, designed to provide the most precise writing experience for complex subjects and detailed content. All three series incorporate the most recent advancements from SMART providing best-in-class touch, ink, and embedded iQ AndroidTM computing experiences.

For Bett, SMART is a global partner and visitors will have additional opportunities to engage with the technology, get hands-on practice and professional development through sessions. Attendees can visit ‘The Teaching Tech Zone’ for a fully interactive experience or stop by SMART’s stand NH2o to experience the exclusive ToolSense innovation for a chance to spin the wheel and win a SMART Board 6000S interactive display. Visitors will also have the chance to attend SMART’s Seminar Spotlight, ‘Time Saving Tech Hacks for Teachers’, as well as schedule individual leadership meetings in the VIP Gallery Suite 11 (North Hall) to consult with senior leadership, as they share developments and trends in edtech and how to improve learning outcomes.

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