Schools must secure their endpoints

Sponsored: The growing sophistication of attacks means keeping up to date with methods is now a specialist area, writes Schools Broadband’s Bob Yorke

Even the most protected system in the world could fall victim to attack through bad luck, human error, zero-day exploits, or a host of other factors, but early detection could save the day.

There is a lot schools can do to minimise the impact of a breach or even catch it before it does any damage. Antivirus, internet security, encryption, two-factor authentication and other IT security products, like those from Schools Broadband, can significantly reduce your chances of the devastating disruption caused by attacks. 

Whatever the size of your school, having robust security defences is essential in protecting every school’s network, particularly given the upsurge in changes to today’s threat landscape. “Often overlooked though,” said Dave Tindall of Schools Broadband, “is endpoint protection; that’s protecting your desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.” Dave commented: “It is more critical than ever to ensure computers and devices are protected against the catastrophic effects of now commonplace advanced attacks.”

The growing sophistication of attacks means keeping up to date with common attack methods has become a specialist area. And Schools Broadband, winners of the ISPA’s Best Security ISP for the last two years, clearly demonstrates no education ISP is more qualified to ensure the full protection of your school’s network.

Bob Yorke

Providing cloud-based network security from Fortinet, Schools Broadband has added ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced to their award-winning solution.

Antivirus and Antispyware will eliminate all types of threats, including viruses, rookits, worms and spyware, and the Exploit Blocker will strengthen the security of applications such as web browsers, PDF readers, email clients or MS Office components, which are commonly exploited. The Exploit Blocker will also monitor process behaviours and look for suspicious activities typical of exploits, whilst strengthening protection against targeted attacks and previously unknown exploits, e.g. zero-day attacks.

Dave Tindall added: “Although security is a very specialised field these days, the appeal of our new ESET Endpoint Protection is undoubtedly in its ease of deployment and user-friendly remote administrator tool. That, together with the cloud-powered scanning, makes management of your security effortlessly straightforward.”

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