Software makes HE more personal

Jonathan Dempsey, Ellucian business development director, discusses how tech innovation can offer a new student experience

It is a curious thing: advances in inanimate technology are actually making the student experience more personal.

Technological innovation enables a successful registry department to deliver on an increasingly personal level while, at the same time, managing to render it – for all the right reasons – virtually invisible.

The increasing human element enabled by today’s technology was a key message at the recent Academic Registrar’s Council (ARC) and UCISA Corporate Information Systems Group Conference.

HEIs want their students to achieve their educational goals, and they offer many support services, like counselling, for learners who need help. Technology solutions, like constituent relationship management (CRM) software, automate the process of identifying learners who are facing challenges, and alerts them to appropriate and timely support.

CRM software also helps HEIs provide an enhanced, and markedly more personal, experience for their overall student body, not just those who are struggling.

The ability to support students holistically and throughout their student lifecycle is possible when the CRM solution is integrated to other administrative systems within the HEI.

By having data systems that are flexible and seamless between functions, it is possible for the back office of a higher education institution to be so efficient as to go almost unnoticed. Enabled by technology, administrators who have traditionally run separate bureaucratic processes can glean the insights needed for personalized and timely constituent engagement throughout the student lifeycle.

Thus inorganic software has the power to make university-student interactions more personal and more effective, increasing student engagement and retention – while remaining, for all the right reasons, virtually invisible.