Devices: stop the distractions and increase collaboration

How BenQ’s collaboration tools help improve the learning experience for both students and staff

Edtech Buyer’s Guide: interactive screens

There is no hiding from technology in our everyday lives and for years there has been a battle to keep personal devices out of the classroom in order to keep our students focused.

Today’s classrooms need to support the development of skills such as teamwork, leadership and effective communication, while ensuring the pathways to engage
with information doesn’t just benefit one learning style, but many.

But as those in the younger generation instinctively reach for technology devices and even try to interact with non-touch displays, how can educators and classrooms use this to their advantage?

Tap into dynamic possibilities

Interactive flat panels (IFP) have been in existence for well over two decades and integrated into all levels including primary schools, secondary schools and institutions of higher learning, but the features of IFPs have advanced instrumentally.

It’s now possible to access documents from anywhere on the campus, create healthy and engaging environments and monitor activity from remote locations. Putting confidence back into both educators and students, BenQ’s latest RP Series addresses the challenges faced in the modern learning space and taps into dynamic learning and teaching possibilities.

Rapid documents

Studies have shown that on average it takes a lesson six minutes to begin. Whether this is due to the register call, outside interruptions or misplaced paperwork, it can be a distraction to the focus of the session.   

BenQ’s IFPs support multi-account management by allowing users to directly access any IFP on the campus. Users simply scan a BenQ-designed NFC card against the display to access their personal workspaces without requiring a password. Downloading and uploading documents, managing personal system-settings, accessing network drives and cloud storage space, such as Google Drive and Dropbox has never been so readily accessible.

Instantly launching all the key tools in one hub, educators have the ability to swiftly move between a variety of input sources using BenQ’s SwitchQ, further streamlining the start of the lesson.

Remove note-taking and encourage collaboration

Note-taking or copying text from a board has always been a favoured method, however, now digital notes can be sent to students via email, students are provided with the opportunity to put their pens down and reach for their personal devices.

Creating a collaborative environment, BenQ’s EZWrite application streamlines discussions, making it smoother than ever for teachers and students to share ideas, notes and opinions as though they are annotating on the same whiteboard.

The cloud whiteboard is also interoperable via an app on mobile devices. Students therefore can download the app and instantly collect, categorise, edit and share notes from their device, whether that’s in the classroom or remotely. Note-taking will no longer be a disinteresting or mundane way of absorbing information.

Ok Saffi

Using voice assistant controls, educators have the flexibility to move fluidly around the room, while still interacting with the whiteboard to find information off the internet or start a timer. Voice assistance is secure via a cloud-based program, ensuring students do not gain access to the controls.

Create a healthy learning environment

Keeping the attention of the class is sometimes out of the control of the teacher. Poor air-quality, illnesses and uncomfortable lighting are all a contributing factor to a distracted class.

BenQ recognises these are generally difficult to measure or contain, however, with the inclusion of an air-quality sensor, smart eyecare technology and a germ-resistant screen into the IFP, educations are able to make slight adjustments to the room.

Using technology to your advantage

Reducing time, increasing productivity and incorporating new teaching styles, the interactive boards are there to play to your advantage. If you want to learn more about new ways of engaging your students through the use of technology, speak to BenQ for a demonstration on or visit

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