Streamlining processes with specialised tech

By Matthew Riley, Business Development Manager, PS Financials

Knowing your staff is key to organisational success; maintaining comprehensive information on their skills and development supports a clearer view of your whole organisation, and how it is developing. As your most valuable resource, which utilises upward of 70% of budgets, the opportunity to invest and deliver efficiency improvements across your institution through technology has never been stronger.

Software, such as an integrated and centralised system for HR, delivers benefits that can be seen trust-wide through to an individual school, harnessing unique functionality including multi-role allocation and CPD logging. By tracking your organisation’s skillset, you gain an accurate overview of all current staff’s skills and un-filled roles, which provides more clarity for recruitment processes and a clearer view of qualifications, aiding CPD. Other features, such as accident, sickness and maternity leave logging, provide clarity on attendance and aid organisations in people-management and motivation.

Functionality-rich back-office management systems also bring improvements to the dynamic between staff and technology. By accepting that technology can improve the way you work, you enable the execution of more streamlined processes and higher levels of accuracy. Additionally, advanced features such as a self-service portal provide a clear interface for all levels of staff to use for the likes of tracking their own holiday and appraisal notes, further improving this relationship in order to bring success across institutions.

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