5 Steps to protecting your system with Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is one of the most critical threats hitting the education sector. Endpoint resilience is an imperative

Educational institutions are currently the number one target for malware authors. And the question for every institution should be: Is your environment ready?

You can get a jumpstart on cyber resilience by learning more about what you’re up against.

Malwarebytes have made a report which you can download and learn why traditional AV is failing and how implementing the right endpoint protection solution is critical to fighting the latest threats and attacks.

Key Takeaways

• Current state of educational cybersecurity
• Impact of the increase in Trojan detections including Emotet
• How to manage threats with limited resources
• And how to deliver ROI with a simple, intelligent, automated solution

Malwarebytes in Education
Malwarebytes work closely with the education sector to prevent and remove threats, including ransomware, and in doing so, are mindful of tight budget constraints. Download your free guide summing up advice from the industries most experienced cyber security professionals to learn more about the current state of educational cyber security and how to achieve educational resilience for your institution.

“I simply don’t have time to chase malware. I know that with Malwarebytes in place, I can rest knowing that I have a backup of a brilliant piece of software with easy reports and email results. We are in control, not the Malware. “
– Andrew Robinson, IT Manager, Middleton Technology School, Manchester


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