Tech budget spend: four tips

Nikki Annison, CMO at Impero Software, lists four important questions you need to consider when allocating your technology budget

Keeping schools up and running, especially on a budget, can often feel daunting. From textbooks to furniture, hardware to software, there is no better time to think about how and why the tools and equipment are worth the investment for your school.

With an increase in IT resources such as PCs, Chromebooks and tablets being used in schools, so the potential for inappropriate behaviour, safeguarding concerns, as well as general IT issues, also increase. It is therefore worth considering how you can use your technology budget effectively to get more benefits and cover more issues – all for less money! We’ve put together a few key things to consider when battling the IT budget.

Does it provide a benefit?

The internet provides a lot of temptation to buy things spontaneously with minimal consideration. In order to make the most of your technology budget, consider the question does this item provide a benefit? And if so, how? Deciding which item is more beneficial in terms of learning and education is crucial. For example, you may have multiple school buildings and fixing IT issues across these building involves travel. Using remote control technology, the IT team would be able to fix even the smallest of issues from the comfort of their office.

Benefits? Save time.

Is it necessary?

You might find yourself browsing the web looking for some inspiration, stumbling across some new technology that’s way out of your budget, discovering some bargains or even something you’ve never considered. However, the most important thing to bear in mind when spending your technology budget is not to just purchase on impulse. Unfortunately, in some cases, devices will remain untouched in their box or software will not be deployed across the network. Therefore, before purchasing, look for gaps in your current technology landscape and consider these areas – is it necessary? Do you have anything in place for print management to save paper? Do you have enough devices in the school? Ask yourself a series of questions; from there you can whittle down your purchasing urges to options that are actually necessary within the school.

Benefits? Save money.

What’s in it for the students?

Now you’ve figured out which purchases are necessary in your school, you’ve got to use your technology budget effectively and decide which of these to commit to. An easy way to consider this is to see how the investment will benefit your students. Things to consider: will the purchase focus and improve learning? Will it keep students safe?

A monitoring system would allow you to identify at-risk or vulnerable students and provide a safe environment online, as well as easily pinpointing which students are straying off-task. Keeping them focused will provide them with the skills needed to excel now and in the future.

Benefits? Focus learning. Keep students safe.

Can it save you money?

Rather than purchasing multiple products, look into consolidated tools. For example, purchasing products that approach classroom management, online safety, inventory management, network management, print management (the list goes on), can become costly. Search for products that consolidate various product areas into one, all in a user-friendly console and reap the benefits of:

  • Saving money
  • Saving time
  • Focused learning
  • Reducing carbon
  • Keeping students safe

Find out how our very own superhero, Netman, battled the budget here, and connect with Nikki here.

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