The cost-saving conundrum

Casio’s Phil Clark gives some tips on subtle savings and practices that add up to make a difference

The classroom conundrum of increasing technology to enhance learning opportunities versus meeting sustainability and environmental requirements is rife in the classroom of 2016. We spoke to Phil Clark, Head of Projectors for Casio UK to get some tips on subtle savings and practices that add up to make a difference.

Visual communication aids in a classroom are essential and none more so than digital presentation methods, as a compelling array of content can be showcased, from video feeds to images and real-time data searching. Projectors are a fantastic way of harnessing that power whilst also allowing for room set-ups to evolve. Making a simple switch from lamp-based projectors to hybrid laser & LED models can save as much as 35% power consumption.

Laser & LED projection is a method of image generation that removes the traditional lamp found in a projector and all the harmful chemicals such as mercury that go with it, replacing them with two of the most sustainable energy sources on the planet; laser & LED. In terms of a cost saving, some clients have calculated savings of over £1,215 on just the electricity alone.

“In addition, by negating the need for a lamp, there are no parts that need replacing across the 20,000 hour lifespan, allowing IT Managers to accurately predict and fix their costs across this time. The five year or 10,000 hour warranty that comes with a Casio projector is also beyond any lamp lifetime, for peace of mind that should something go wrong the fixture will quickly be replaced. 

This lamp-free projector model also means significantly less maintenance for network managers, saving their time to tend to other projects. Ensuring that units are switched off after use can also make a huge difference and unlike lamp-based projectors, laser & LED can be placed on a timer to automatically shut down, freeing up more time.

Specialist Music College Guildford County School has made the move to laser & LED, not only for the eco credentials, but also for enhanced image quality across a longer lifetime. 

ABOVE: Specialist Music College Guildford County School has made the move to Laser & LED

So far the school has invested in over 20 Casio models including 15 from the Signature Series and five Ultra Short Throw (UST) units. The UST models are a popular choice in the school environment, generating an image of 80′ from a distance of just 27cm, meaning the light never shines in the teacher’s eyes. These have replaced lamp-based models and already the IT team are noticing the difference, calculating that they were spending £2,500 per year in replacements, not to mention the time this was taking the IT team and the downtime for students. 

The image quality remains consistent across the whole lifetime, with no drop-off or fade meaning even on a sunny day there is no need to draw the curtains. The School Network Manager Simon Gibbs has been so impressed with the brightness and clarity of the image he has decided to continue the investment, with plans now in place to transition throughout the whole school, including in the hall. 

Casio is the only manufacturer who has dedicated its whole range to this lamp-free projection method and is focused on making the benefits of industry-leading total cost of ownership accessible to everyone, with the Core Series as an affordable option. This can be easily installed as a replacement projector, mounted using existing infrastructure to keep initial investment costs to a minimum for maximum gain.

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