The projector is dead. Long live the projector!

By David Webster, Chief Technology Officer, RGB Communications Ltd

In these days of very large flat (or even curved!) screen TVs why would anyone want to use a projector instead? I suspect that it is because many clients simply believe that TVs are always better. After all the shops are full of them, right? Well, wrong actually. For lots of reasons a projector will be a much better large screen display in many applications and can even be the best value. Perhaps they have just never seen good projection installations and don’t understand the benefits?

TVs are certainly easy to understand and familiar to use. Indeed in larger rooms, say 12 feet wide and 20 feet long, flat screen TVs offer a clear, vivid picture that is good for video conferencing. But when it comes to text, spreadsheets or presentations, the projector with a much larger screen will be the better choice. And unlike the flat screen TV can be hidden from view when not in use.

Projectors are, on the whole, cheaper than comparable HD TVs. A 108-inch TV, for example, would cost over £100,000 (if you can find one to buy), but getting the same screen size and equivalent HD picture quality could start just under a thousand pounds with a projector. For projectors there is likely to be the additional cost of a screen and a projector mount but this is probably significantly less than the cost of installing a very large, surprisingly heavy, super fragile monitor that may even require the walls to be strengthened.

Projectors clearly provide the biggest images at a much lower cost-per-inch compared to televisions and without sacrificing picture quality. The image can be just as clear and crisp as a TV but many times the size, with lifelike colours and sharp details even more noticeable. They are therefore ideal for portable displays, home cinema, classrooms, business environments and many other applications.

Long live the projector!