The efficiency and effectiveness of explainer videos

Finja Kruse, of explores the science behind the effectiveness and efficiency of explainer videos

Austin Freeman once said:

“Simplicity is the soul of efficiency”

Whether teaching your students about a particular topic, pitching a business strategy to investors in an innovative way, or broadening students’ horizons in general, Freeman’s six words hold the key to success. Being effective and efficient simplifies the way we do things.

In many educational or business situations, we aim towards successfully transferring knowledge or selling a product. This correlates with the observation that society thrives on new concepts to maximise outcomes and achieve success in various contexts while simplifying any aspect of life. New concepts appear on a daily basis, and are activated within educational communities as technology continues to advance. As new technologies are on the rise, text-based approaches to innovative conceptual ideas to improve education are becoming outdated. Videos are quickly accelerating to represent a large chunk of the most interacted with content on the internet. By the end of this year, video is supposed to make up ¾ of internet content, and 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Research has already indicated the power of video in several studies. However, it has often lacked illuminating insights relating video to efficiency and effectiveness. We have some of the leading research findings regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of explainer videos below.

Reviewing the Research

recent study focused on the general use of e-learning and explainer videos. Overall, it was an experimental study testing the effectiveness and efficiency of different video formats. Over 2,000 interviewees in the United States and Germany participated in an online survey to provide insights on explainer videos.

Research Results

The study revealed that explainer videos are an upcoming video format focused on efficient knowledge transfer in a short amount of time. Specifically, younger generations prefer video over text, and in both countries, a strong affinity in regards to videos was visible. In regards to awareness of explainer videos, the study interestingly revealed that the percentage in Germany was higher compared to the United States, but both countries showed high percentages as to whether respondents would make use of explainer videos in the future.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Analyzing the Results

The experimental study revealed a significant increase in knowledge about the topic of the United States presidential elections for both groups of participants. After watching a video, the German subject group’s knowledge increased by almost 50%. To gain more insights into memory retention, the prior knowledge was analyzed. It illuminated that the learning effects are highest when the initial knowledge about the topic and the interest are relatively low. This indicates an explanation and correlation as to why the German participants showed a more significant increase than the American participants regarding the U.S. Elections topic.

How Do Explainer Videos Support Learning?

It is simple to interpret the reasons for the increase in memory retention and the positive effects on learning based on the research results. Videos allow content to be presented in a short and appealing manner by combining a visual and auditory approach that addresses a greater range of learners and learning styles. It further flatters the decreasing attention span by being short and using simple language. It provides the essential information in a nutshell without taking up too much of the viewer’s time. As videos are the tool used for the majority of the content on the internet, another challenge quickly arises in regards to the overflow of content. Explainer videos are equipped with a helpful asset to help tailor content based on need: they can easily be created by students, teachers, managers, companies… anyone! Using internet-based video creation software like mysimpleshow, there are no limits to who creates videos. With the right tool, this process won’t take up too much time and ensures the material to be acquired is mentioned and understood. Explainer videos also guarantee that knowledge can be visualized throughout the video creation process.

Research Implications

The study highlights significant insights into the motivation of explainer videos and its visible effects on engagement and learning effects. As a highly activating and interest-sparking tool, explainer videos are a great asset to incorporate simplicity in any learning situation to more efficiently reach effective outcomes. However, the study further showed that not all explainer videos are equally beneficial and should therefore be selected with care. To learn about the highlights of the study through a visual approach, check out the supporting video.