Time-saving strategies in the age of video

Bring a world of STEAM content into the classroom without taking up valuable class time with the Boclips for Teachers video platform

There’s an art to living by the “show, don’t tell” mantra. Video accomplishes this in a way that a chalk-and-talk can’t. On average, teenagers today consume around 68 videos a day on a variety of online platforms. Videos are how students prefer to absorb information – the shorter, the better. In a five-minute video, students can experience an incredible journey, understand a unique perspective, enjoy an amazing performance, and be awestruck by beautiful photography. All of this makes video memorable and exciting.

More teachers recognize that students of all ages and subject areas benefit from having short, engaging video clips in their lessons. But they may not realize that by incorporating video in the classroom, they’re not just capturing and keeping students’ attention, they’re also saving staff and students valuable time.

Here are just a few ways that supplementing lessons with video clips can help with the lesson-planning process:

The search for quality content

It’s not always easy to find videos that are safe and relevant for learning, often requiring checking through unrelated, branded or inappropriate material. No teacher has the time to be doing this at the end of another long school day.

With more than 120 content partners and a huge library of your favourite clips, Boclips for Teachers offers a safe alternative to entertainment-focused video platforms that aren’t age appropriate and are often full of toxic comments or clogged up with irrelevant adverts. Even better, Boclips for Teachers isn’t blocked by the censorship filtering in Academy and LEA networks. With the new educational video platform, teachers can search for exactly what they want, find results quickly and spend less time planning and more time preparing for another day in the classroom.

Collecting your favourites

You can also add your favourite videos to different collections in your account so can find and use the best and most relevant clips time and again. Boclips for Teachers features some of the best collections on its homepage, so if you’re ever stuck for inspiration you can browse through some of the most popular content the platform has to offer and use their suggestions to inspire your next class.

Using information-packed content

Students want content that packs a punch. Videos need to be relevant, clear, and concise, no matter the subject area they cover. From mini-documentaries to breaking news stories and archive footage, there is something for everyone on Boclips for Teachers.

Why not inspire your science students with impossible-to-recreate experiments, or whisk your geography students away to another country at the touch of a button? There are videos for every age group, including songs and dances in EYFS, debates and lectures suitable for A-level and great animations to support inclusion, diversity and wider school conversations.

Boclips for Teachers enriches learning by bringing the world into the classroom in a way that’s engaging for students and convenient and easy for teachers.

Teachers who sign up before 30 June will receive a free year of Boclips for Teachers. To learn more or to sign up, visit www.boclips.com/educationtech.