University of Manchester mental health e-course now live

SPONSORED: The university has developed the content alongside Marshall E-Learning

Marshall E-Learning have produced a new student mental health awareness course, which comes at a time where a recent Universities UK report has said that student mental health provision risked “failing a generation” and some students may be “slipping through the gaps” between university and NHS provision.

The student mental health course will allow staff across universities, whatever their role, to learn useful information about student mental health in addition to learning some basic skills around managing students who are presenting signs of mental ill health or are at risk.

Having been developed with the University of Manchester, whose staff population sits at around 12,000, the e-learning course will enable the University to scale their mental health training for staff while keeping the content highly engaging and illustrative through the use of video content.

The course contains videos that were made on the Manchester campus and the University helped design all the content.

You can preview a course preview video here. For more information please see

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