Video Enhance Observation: Continuous learning in action

VEO’s innovative video tagging software supports effective practical learning at distance and scale

Edtech Buyer’s Guide: Video and Virtual Learning

VEO helps teachers and students to reflect, collaborate and learn from what they do. Flexible video tagging gives users a convenient, secure platform to review, share and improve practice in a positive culture.

VEO’s founders came up with the concept whilst designing large-scale teacher and leadership training in West Africa and the UK. The easy-to-use software seamlessly combines video and data to enable transformational teaching and learning.

Now, the software is being used in over 20 countries across five continents. More than 30 universities and hundreds of schools worldwide are already using VEO to create and learn from ‘lightbulb moments’ captured in their classrooms, lecture theatres and meeting rooms.

The beauty of the software really is that the students can go home and review it at their leisure, which really enhances their learning experience – Senior lecturer at Teesside University

Save time and money

VEO takes a user-generated approach to capturing learning. It’s cost-effective, intuitive to use, and allows for valuable insight to be gained within minutes.

Users can conveniently record and share videos and data on existing devices, and bypass the need for paperwork and manual data processing.

Tag key learning moments

VEO’s unique timestamp tagging allows teachers and students to receive highly personalised feedback on performance. Qualitative and quantitative data collected during the video tagging process can then be used to track or demonstrate improvement over time.

Case study: The National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE)

The National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE), based in Washington, DC, has trained more than 15,000 school leaders across 27 US states, and is using VEO’s software with great success. VEO has become a central part of NCEE’s work to provide school leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to design and lead high-performing schools and school systems.

“The professional learning opportunities NCEE creates are built to engage and immerse adult learners in the content. We look for technology solutions to help foster this goal and believe VEO is the best solution available in the market. We’re thrilled to be working with VEO and continue our work providing schools and districts high-quality leadership development supports.” – Larry Molinaro, director of research and Development at NCEE

Create global connections

VEO enables sharing of good, real practice. This facilitates peer to peer learning networks, focusing teachers’ and leaders’ time onto critical interventions.

The software seamlessly connects teachers and learners remotely, wherever in the world they are. Powerful learning moments are being created every day through cross-national projects spanning multiple continents.

Empower student learning

VEO is successfully used by students to track and develop their own skills and behaviours. It personalises the learner journey, empowering them to take charge of their own development by conveniently recording, reviewing and sharing their own practice.

Continuous improvement at your fingertips. It’s simple to start creating ‘lightbulb moments’ across your institution, contact VEO today to arrange a demo.

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