Why edtech investment should move up the HE priority list

Do budget squeezes mean less spending on technology in higher education?

In the competition to attract students who were born into a digital world and are accustomed to premium tech resources – and educators who are keen to leverage the opportunities of technology – universities that fall behind on basic EdTech investment are missing an opportunity to put students and staff at the centre of learning.

MMD, a leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips monitors, explains why EdTech investment in professional-grade displays pays off.

·         Make study easier
It’s the features that work discreetly in the background that can make all the difference between eye-rubbing fatigue and fantastic productivity. With students and educators spending so much time researching and writing, their screen time really mounts up. Displays that make intensive study easier are a valuable part of the educational resource mix. Philips monitors S-line displays are built with intensive use in mind. EasyRead, for example, creates a paper-like reading experience for long documents. SmartContrast auto-adjusts colours and back light intensity to the screen content, using different settings for report-writing, for instance, than for graphics. And what about that productivity killer, screen flicker? The S-line’s Flicker-free technology regulates brightness and reduces flicker for more comfortable viewing.

·         Make study energy-conscious
Power bills account for a substantial chunk of spending in any organisation – so tech equipment that saves money on this is a real gain. For instance, why should a display consume power when it is not being used? Energy-efficient features in the Philips S-line include the PowerSensor, which makes the monitor dim or sleep to use less power when there is no user sitting in front of it. The Philips S7 models also have Energy Star 7 certification. This demonstrates MMD’s commitment to bringing energy-efficient solutions to the market.

·         Strive to make study healthier
Eye fatigue is not the only risk of too much screen time: recent research shows that shortwave-length blue light rays from LED displays can cause eye damage and affect vision over time. Fortunately, innovators such as Philips monitors have been engaging with this challenge: the SoftBlue LED technology, now standard on all S7-line displays, uses a smart technology to reduce blue light waves without affecting the colour or image.

Screen time also has to take its share of the blame for the scourge of back pain, which accounts for millions of lost working days every year. Even when using shared hardware, users should be able to adapt it to their own comfort and working style, and a monitor’s height and tilt are no exception. For better posture, the S-line’s SmartErgoBase enables the display to be tilted, swivelled and height-adjusted exactly to the right angle for maximum comfort. As a result, users are more likely to work in a position that is just right for them.

·         Make study flexible
Collaborative environments often demand that a whole group of people view what is on one screen. Wide viewing angles (with IPS technology) make it possible for everyone to participate, even when they are looking at the screen virtually side-on. The design of the Philips S-line is space-saving, with slimmer stand columns and feet in the new series, so the display easily has room even on a crowded desktop.

Tasks such as huge spreadsheets and filmwork might need two displays side by side in a panoramic view. So when users need to push together a couple of screens for special apps, they will appreciate the slim bezel of the latest S-line displays. They create the perception of a virtually frameless design, and the impression of having one large display for better comparisons and productivity.

The Philips S-line displays are monitors that overachieve in their class — just right for EdTech investors choosing infrastructure for their own high flyers.

You can find information on Philips S-line monitors at https://www.misco.co.uk/product/Q588985/Philips-S-Line-241S4LCB-24inch-Height-Adjust-Full-HD-LED-Monitor