Why move your MIS to the cloud?

Rob Clark from Education Software Solutions weighs up the benefits of cloud computing for colleges

I’ve been lucky enough to work in further and higher education software for over 20 years. Recently I’ve seen more and more colleges making the decision to move away from traditional on-premises solutions, to a hosted, or cloud-based, solution.

The role of cloud technology and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as an IT delivery platform is now accepted by many FE college CIOs, IT directors and MIS department heads who recognise the advantages of flexibility and scalability. With FE providers under pressure to plan their budget effectively, being able to cut the cost of maintaining on-premises IT systems is significant.

With UNIT-e named as supplier on the new Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud 11 Framework earlier this month, I thought the time was right to list my top five reasons why a cloud-based MIS could be the right choice for your college:

  1. Security – ensures reliability and continuity of service removing the risk of on-premise maintenance, keeping data held by your organisation safe.
  2. Scalability – offers economies of scale allowing you to meet peak demands with IT infrastructure that can grow with your institution.
  3. Efficiency – eliminates the need to maintain on-site servers, saving time and money associated with managing complex IT systems.
  4. Mobility – gives students the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime, reducing geographic boundaries and improving the student experience.
  5. Accessibility – gives staff full remote access from pretty much any device, making it easier to share information in real time.

So, the potential benefits of a cloud solution are substantial. But like all infrastructure changes, they need to be understood and planned before making the leap. The first step when moving your institution to the cloud is to understand how to get there with minimal disruption.

That’s where UNIT-e can help with support and guidance at every stage of your journey. As part of a fully-managed service, your database will be securely hosted, and all upgrades and backups will be carried out by our consultants. And as a G-Cloud 11 supplier, further education institutions can purchase the software and services they need – such as the UNIT-e Management Information System – simply and securely.

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