Why WiFi is a prevalent issue for schools

Technology has moved on at such a pace in recent years that ICT is no longer a lesson to be taught, but a tool to use for the teaching of other subjects. With the increase in 1:1 learning, BYOD, and online learning, it is imperative that schools have a sufficient WiFi system in place. 

Recent studies conducted by The British Education Suppliers Association (BESA), E-Learning Foundation and other educational authorities suggest pupils in England are at risk of missing out because their schools do not have good enough WiFi solutions.

Technology to support fast effective WiFi is imperative in schools. There is now a wide range of effective wireless networking products using the newest generation of WiFi technology including 802.11ac (‘Wave 2’) Wireless AC Standard technology, ranging from access points and VPN routers, to wireless controllers and management platforms. With no costly subscription fees, these kinds of solutions have been adopted by many schools looking to achieve fast, secure networks with the peace of mind that their investment is futureproof. 

Similarly, the need for security in schools is something that has been discussed at large over recent years, many coming to the conclusion it’s simply a necessity in 2018. Safeguarding pupils, staff and assets is vital for contemporary establishments looking to flourish in the current climate. Internal and external surveillance can deter theft, bullying, arson, vandalism and a whole host of other incidents. It’s also a great way to monitor teaching performance in classrooms.

Safeguarding pupils, staff and assets is vital for contemporary establishments looking to flourish in the current climate.

School grounds may house football or rugby fields, an athletics ground, a library or even own the grounds around the school. When hundreds or thousands of students have access to these areas during school hours (or pay a visit to these locations during off-hours), it can become hard to manage the traffic coming in and out of your school grounds.

Video surveillance can help school officials easily maintain these areas without having to leave their offices. Today’s video surveillance technology offers IP surveillance which can be connected wirelessly over a school’s internet network. These cameras are a massive jump forward from older surveillance systems like CCTV, which can’t broadcast footage over the internet. Being able to tap into your video stream at any time makes it easy for you to monitor different areas of your school hundreds of feet away in seconds 

Deploying CCTV the traditional way brought with it an array of problems due to grainy footage and inconsistency. With today’s technology, features such as remote viewing, flexible camera positions and easy distribution to third party officials, such as the police, makes incorporating these solutions manageable, cost effective and complimentary to the needs of today’s educational environment.

Schools now have an array of IP surveillance cameras that provide high quality round-the-clock video monitoring for indoor and outdoor deployment that are easy to set up and maintain to choose from. Furthermore, these IP Surveillance solutions include access to Management Software that provides free security video recording, live view and playback management for IP cameras and video servers, as well as cloud video recording storage devices. This gives budget-conscious institutions peace of mind that following the upfront cost, there are no hidden fees eating at resources. 

If schools are concerned about taking these steps, technology companies can work closely with partners to ensure that education institutions receive the necessary bespoke and tailored product packages and support what they need from distributors and resellers. 

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