Studio launches free Marvel Hero Tales educational game for free during lockdown

Kuato Studios’ gamified content is being offered to support home learning while schools across the UK remain closed

A UK-based gaming company has released its award-winning Marvel Hero Tales educational game, along with all its game content, for free for a limited time on iOS, in a bid to support home learning and keep children entertained.

With the UK in the midst of its third national lockdown since the coronavirus crisis began last year, secretary of state Michael Gove has warned that current restrictions could remain in place until March. The announcement forced the education sector to revert to remote learning once more, with schools being urged to close their doors from 5 January. As such, the majority of parents across the UK are once again juggling work with homeschooling responsibilities.

Source: Marvel Hero Tales/Kuato Studios

In response to the nation’s school closures, Kuato Studios is providing Marvel Hero Tales at no cost, designed to be a helpful tool to assist learning among users. Aimed at children aged 5– 11, the game targets and advances language and communication skills via a unique educational narrative set in the iconic Marvel Universe. Children play the game with superheroes, including Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch, while being encouraged to expand their vocabulary, reading and storytelling skills.

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Given the varying contexts and personal circumstances in which families are having to deliver remote education, a diverse selection of resources is key, and the gamified nature of Kuato’s provisions is championed by the studios’ managing director, Mark Horneff.

“Education is being disrupted on an unprecedented scale, with many parents concerned about their child’s screen time and cognitive development,” he commented. “Growing up with dyslexia, I always found reading difficult and so it was something I just wasn’t interested in until I discovered my passion for reading through comics.

Source: Marvel Hero Tales/Kuato Studios

“I want to bring the same experience to other children in a way that is both fun and educational. We hope that by making this game free we are taking some of the pressure off of parents during lockdown, while also supporting a child’s education in a constructive and engaging way.”

The game and all game content will be free to download from the App Store until Wednesday 10 February.

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