44% of businesses have experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months

And 86% of companies forecast an increase in cyber threats over the next year

Forty-four percent of UK companies have experienced some form of cyber-attack in the last 12 months, with 86% predicting an increase in cyber threats over the next year, according to a survey of UK cybersecurity, IT and business professionals.

Worryingly, 11% of respondents said they either didn’t know or were unsure of whether they had been targeted by cyber criminals.

Conducted by WatchGuard Technologies in partnership with SC Media UK, the study identifies what businesses consider to be the biggest cyber threats they are facing. With the momentous surge in remote working in response to COVID-19, organisations are incredibly vulnerable to a vast range of attacks, and IT teams are under considerable pressure to keep their systems safe.

Respondents cited phishing as the biggest business threat, followed by authentication attacks and then stolen credentials. Cyber professionals say that its difficult to manage such threats with such restricted time and budgets, with companies feeling the strain as the UK heads into the worst recession the country has seen in decades.

“The current uncertain and challenging economic and geopolitical climate combined with the massive disruption to traditional working practises, means cyber criminals are finding new and more inventive ways to attack both businesses and individuals when they are at their most vulnerable,” said Jon-Marc Wilkinson, sales director for the UK and Ireland at WatchGuard Technologies.

“If a business has not experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months, this survey indicates that the majority of respondents are expecting cybersecurity threats to increase over the next year. More than ever, companies of all sizes need enterprise-grade network and endpoint security that is simple to deploy and manage but is also affordable.”

To see WatchGuard’s infographic on the 2020 threat landscape, please click here.

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