Free online mental health training offered to UK key workers

iHASCO has granted access to their Mental Health Awareness and Infection Prevention and Control programmes free of charge to key workers on the COVID-19 frontline

Bracknell-based online training provider iHASCO has announced that all UK key workers have been granted access to their Mental Health Awareness and Infection Prevention and Control programmes completely free of charge.

The announcement comes soon after the company was named among the Crown Commercial Service’s COVID-19 Catalogue of supplier offers.

The issues of mental health and wellbeing have long been a topic of conversation; with approximately one in four UK citizens experiencing a mental health issue each year, and one in six people reporting they experience a common mental health problem (such as anxiety or depression) in any given week, it’s no surprise mental health has been dubbed the biggest silent killer of our time.

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In light of the pandemic, mental health has never been of greater importance. Experts have said the outbreak could have a ‘profound’ effect on people’s mental health, both now and in the future, with psychologists and psychiatrists calling for urgent research into the topic.

Training in infection prevention and control is also now of great importance. The number of confirmed cases in the UK alone stands at 124,743, making it essential that key workers receive high-quality training to prevent the spread of the virus and save lives.

iHASCO offers two variations of the Mental Health Awareness course and the Infection Prevention and Control training programme, specifically designed for the care sector.

“We can’t thank our key workers enough for the sacrifices they are making everyday, but if our training can help those who are struggling with mental ill-health or even contributes to stopping the spread of COVID-19, then we’ve made a genuine difference,” said Alex Morris, director of iHASCO.

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