Google and Parent Zone launch new online safety curriculum

The curriculum will help teachers deliver the national online media literacy strategy, and support relationships and sex education lessons

A new online safety curriculum was launched yesterday (8 February), aimed at protecting children between the ages of seven and 11.

Launched to coincide with Safer Internet Day, the initiative – developed in partnership by Google and Parent Zone – forms part of the Be Internet Legends programme.

In research carried out by Ipsos Mori, children at primary schools participating in the programme were found to be twice as likely to show an improved understanding of internet safety.

“To make the most of the educational and social benefits that the internet brings, it is so important that young people have the practical skills and behaviours to have safer experiences online,” said Almudena Lara, Google’s global lead on child safety policy.

“Together with Parent Zone, our Be Internet Legends programme has helped children in over 70% of UK schools develop those skills, and we are pleased to expand its focus to support teachers as they teach critical skills like media literacy.”

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The new curriculum will help teachers support the national online media literacy strategy, including helping pupils better understand such features of the virtual world as search engines, scams and disinformation.

It will also deliver the relationships and sex education curriculum, supporting students in learning about managing online relationships, how to respond to issues such as bullying and inappropriate content, and how to have conversations with a trusted adult about online experiences.

The programme is delivered through a blend of interactive assemblies, teacher workshops and classroom resources.

As previously reported in ET, the need for improved understanding regarding the potential pitfalls of virtual exploration does not apply only to pupils. In 2020, we reported that 41% of UK school staff were yet to receive any online safety training.


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