Cyber Security Services launch free pentests and risk assessments for universities

The cybersecurity company is offering complementary assessments to help higher education providers identify vulnerabilities

In 2018, researchers discovered more than 300 fake websites and login pages for 76 universities across 14 countries – including the UK – bringing the topic of cybersecurity in higher education to the forefront of the sector.

Cyber Security Services – a cybersecurity consulting firm and security operations centre – is facing the challenge head on, launching a brand-new service that aims to protect non-profits and universities from data breaches completely free of charge.

The company, a party neutral entity, will now provide complementary penetration testing to any non-profit or higher education provider to help them determine their most prevalent vulnerabilities.

Non-profit CIOs will receive a free penetration test (pentest) upon request, specifically designed to safely exploit their network and web application to identify points of weakness. This is a much more fool-proof method than conducting a vulnerability scan, since the pentest imitates an outsider intruder and exposes valuable insights into areas where the network or devices may be at risk.

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The test enables Cyber Security Services to determine the least probable access points that could be used to gather intelligence and cause the greatest potential impact on data integrity. A detailed pentest report will then present the results to help university IT teams mitigate risk by implementing controls before an attack is attempted. All reviews will be completed by certified cybersecurity consultants.

“We take a comprehensive approach, analysing the external network, applications, and wireless technologies along with social engineering to prepare non-profit IT teams as we enter a critical time where Ransomware and other malicious activity is expected to increase in 2020,” explained Michelle Perez, director of client services at Cyber Security Services. “We’re excited to offer this service as a way to contribute to organisations that do so much good for our communities. It is one way we can help them continue to deliver their services in the most secure way possible.”

To qualify, organisations must meet 501(c)(3) tax-exempt requirements. To learn more about the company or its penetration testing services or to request your free risk assessment, visit

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