100+ apprenticeships in data science and machine learning launched by Cambridge Spark

The programme will produce the nation’s first Level 7 apprentices in the fields of data science and engineering

Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) training specialists Cambridge Spark have launched over 100 apprenticeships in data science, machine learning and AI.

The latest cohort of aspiring professionals will follow the Level 4 (data analyst) and Level 7 (data science and machine learning engineer) programmes. Those pursuing the Level 4 stream will master the basics of coding via Python – a valuable gateway to the vast and fast-growing opportunities within the coding field.

According to a study by Prolifics Testing, Python is the programming language Brits most intend to learn, with the European region as a whole experiencing huge demand for trained software and systems engineers.

Level 7 apprentices, on the other hand, will undertake the data science and machine learning engineer programmes, and will be the very first students to do so in the UK.

According to a report by The Royal Society, demand for trained data scientists has tripled (+231%) since 2015. Despite this, thousands of professional roles remain unfilled as companies struggle to find and recruit the talent they need. Data analysts, data scientists and machine learning engineers are among the UK’s most sought-after jobs, and apprenticeships provide a firm and respected route into these technical roles.

Not only this, but Cambridge Spark has partnered with Anglia Ruskin University with an aim to deliver more than 80 degree apprenticeships. Offered alongside the 50 apprenticeships Cambridge Spark is already training, this brings the total number of learners on degree-level programmes to more than 200. This makes Cambridge Spark larger than most computer science departments at some of the UK’s top universities.

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“The apprenticeship programmes we offer are more relevant and vital than ever before as major changes to the workforce increase the number of people looking for avenues to reskill,” commented Raoul-Gabriel Urma, founder CEO of Cambridge Spark.

“Apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers,” he explained. “They are open to current as well as new employees, people of any age, and even those with previous qualifications. It is an affordable option for people wanting to pursue a career in data science or AI and is also helping to provision the high skills that are in high demand in businesses. Those on our Level 7 programme will be among the best trained data science and machine learning professionals in the UK, delivering huge value to the organisations they work for and the overall digital economy.”

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