Five new courses to empower AI’s future pioneers

The brand-new tech courses will support young people aged 9 to 17 to learn the technologies that are shaping the world around us.

Fire Tech has announced the launch of five brand-new courses to empower young people aged 9-17, teaching them about the transformative technologies that are shaping the 21st century world.

With modules such as ‘Adventures in Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Junior Cybersecurity’ and ‘Startup a Tech Startup’, Fire Tech will be innovating and informing the youth on critical matters in tech at various locations – including Imperial College London and Cambridge University – over the Easter and Summer breaks.

The Fire Tech programmes are unique as they are set to include real-life applications of AI, such as computer vision, an introduction to the ethical concepts behind AI, and an exploration of cutting-edge technologies such as IBM Watson. Students benefit from small class sizes of no more than eight, learning from some of the most prominent figures in UK higher education.

Trailblazing K12 AI education

Recent research into AI investments across 54 countries, conducted by Tortoise Intelligence, uncovered that US$97.8tr has been spent on AI between 2014 and 2019, while Gartner forecasts that AI alone will create 2.3m jobs this year, hence Fire Tech’s drive to promote Early Years education in AI.

The company’s bid to remain ahead of the curve has already earned solid recognition, with Fire Tech making the shortlist for the UK’s top 10 technology companies at the National Technology Awards 2020.

“The need to educate young people on how to use AI effectively – and responsibly – could not be more urgent,” said Jill Hodges, founder and CEO of Fire Tech.

“That’s why we’re so excited to be launching these new courses this month, to help children across the UK be inspired by the incredible potential of these new technologies to shape the world around them in positive ways.”

Michael Cotter, head of learning at Fire tech, commented: “Our team have spent the last few months researching the most exciting and relevant topics to include in these courses. We can’t wait to give students those ‘eyes light up’ moments that these technologies can bring.”

The new courses are:

Adventures in Artificial Intelligence (Junior) – giving students an introduction to the complex world of AI. Participants will build their own AI models using sound, numbers, text and images, via the most state-of-the-art technology.

Adventures in Artificial Intelligence (Senior) – students construct AI models using autonomous vehicles and smart homes, also attempting to predict a movie’s success based solely on its poster.

Junior Cybersecurity: Spycamp! – a tour of the facilities that keep secrets online, delving into both current and historic methods. Students on this programme get the chance to become digital detectives.

Startup a Tech Startup – students gain an entrepreneurial foundation for building their own technology company.

Mobile Video & Hollywood Special Effects – this programme teaches students how to use their phone as the camera to light and compose scenes, capture video and then apply visual effects to make them out of this world.

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