Growing demand for STEM spurs Prodigy Finance to expand offering

As tech-focused industries continue to thrive, 800 of Prodigy Finance’s 1,000 new programmes promote STEM subjects

Prodigy Finance, the trailblazing leader of lending for postgraduate international students, will now provide loans for more than 1,000 additional postgraduate programmes – 800 of which will focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects to address growing demand.

Across the globe, tech-focused industries are seeing high job growth and prosperous salaries, with Prodigy Finance confirming that international demand for STEM among postgraduate students has overtaken business courses. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that STEM professions will grow by 8.8% by 2028, compared to 5% for non-STEM-based roles.

Prodigy Finance’s algorithm is unique as it estimates a student’s likely earnings once their postgraduate degree is complete. Its ability to adapt to the employability needs of the sector allows it to cater to growing demand for STEM, granting more students access to quality higher education in the field.

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The 800 new STEM courses are comprised of 50% science courses, complementing the company’s lasting strength in business and engineering education. Over 100 new university partners have also been added to the Prodigy Finance network.

“What we require from our workforce is evolving – so is the education people need to excel in it. At Prodigy Finance, we’re dedicated to helping the brightest students in the world reach the best education programmes, and access to STEM is increasingly a huge part of that. To date we’ve supported over 18,600 international students in their postgraduate studies and, by expanding the schools and courses we support, we can continue to grow that number and make talent truly global,” said Joel Frisch, head of business development at Prodigy Finance.

The organisation has now provided more than US$900m in education loans to 18,600 talented students from 132 countries. Of its borrowers, 99.77% successfully completed their courses and, according to the company’s Impact Report, 72% claim their postgraduate degree empowered them to pursue their dream career.

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