Virtual Freshers Festival: a rite of passage redesigned for the pandemic age

Freshers Festival Group are redesigning the ‘Freshers Week’ experience, bringing students from across the UK together with some of the nation’s most impactful brands and influencers

It sure is a strange time to be heading off to university. As the UK contends with the bigger, badder second wave of COVID-19, many institutions have now reopened and the education sector is gearing up to face perhaps the strangest academic year it has seen thus far.

The incoming university cohort feels, understandably, particularly hard done by, with the rule of six pushing the prospect of campus parties off the table, and the continuing pandemic deeming traditional student ‘rites of passage’ more or less impossible.

But the Freshers Festival Group was not about to sit back and watch as students miss out on one of the most iconic UK university experiences: Freshers Week. From today until 1 October, students can take part in the Virtual Freshers Festival, experiencing some of the most archetypal freshers activities in a digital environment.

The itinerary includes:

  • Content and freebies from brands such as Domino’s, Disney, Google and Red Bull
  • Discussions of internship and employment opportunities with some of the UK’s most prominent recruiters
  • Content from the biggest student influencers – including Megan Short and Caitlin
  • Music sessions with up-and-coming artists
  • A free CV clinic and workshop
  • Networking and social opportunities with thousands of students
  • Interactive events, including treasure hunts, fashion shows and more
  • Competitions and giveaways worth thousands
  • Live content, Q&As and virtual ‘meet ups’
  • Virtual after parties

The Virtual Freshers Festival is working alongside some of the nation’s biggest colleges and universities to deliver a successful event that will be well received by students.

“At Freshers Festival Group, our goal is to create live and online events encouraging students to connect with each other, as well as the brands and organisations they need to make their time in education fun, positive, healthy and successful,” said Graeme Barratt, MD and founder of Freshers Festival Group.

“We want to make sure that students don’t look back and think of themselves as the cohort who missed out on their freshers’ experience. That’s why we are creating Virtual Freshers Festival, a platform that brings amazing deals, informative content, fun experiences and a chance to network to students across the UK and beyond.”

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