Esme Learning acquires AI-enabled software platform

The collaboration of Esme and Riff Analytics is set to improve learning outcomes and provide turnkey solutions for higher education

Esme Learning, global edtech leader in online professional development, has joined forces with AI-enabled software company Riff Analytics. 

The acquisition combines 1500 organisations in more than 95 countries, providing turnkey solutions for higher education and learning and development departments. 

The integration cements Esme’s credibility to help organisations, individuals, and governments adapt to digital transformation, and will enhance the appeal for corporate environments as the demand is set to increase further due to the pandemic. 

Esme currently works with some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and Imprerial College Business School. 

The combined entity will be operating as Esme Learning Solutions Inc, led by Esme CEO David Shrier and Riff Analytics co-founder, COO and president of Esme Beth Porter. 

Shrier is a globally recognized thought leader in technology who has created the four of most profitable online classes in history. 

Porter is a former Pearson executive who created and developed the Open edX initiative, an open-source digital learning software used by more than 55 million learners worldwide. 

Online education courses 

The Riff platform, consisting of two products (Riff EDU and Riff Video), has been shown to significantly improve learning outcomes according to research funded by the US National Science Foundation. 

Embedded at the core of Esme Learning, Riff EDU is a full-suite communication and digital collaboration platform built for the learning environment to better enable student success. 

Riff is doing ground-breaking work in the area of effective communication and collaboration at work, and creating a platform that fundamentally helps people be more mindful, focused, and purposeful – Beth Porter, Riff Analytics co-founder 

Students using Riff EDU achieved grades 80% higher than those who did not, and were twice as likely to earn a certificate. 

Powering Riff EDU is Riff Video, a SaaS offering that primarily consists of the ‘Meeting Mediator’, an EI-enabled real-time visualisation providing instant feedback about interactions with other participants. 

Along with Metrics, it helps to raise awareness about interpersonal dynamics and how to adapt behaviour to improve effectiveness. 

Within Esme, Riff EDU is set to expand the functionalities to include prompts and nudges that will drive more collaborative and effective group behaviours. 

“E-learning is reshaping the landscape of corporate training and, indeed, digital transformation,” said Shrier. 

“With the Riff Analytics acquisition, Esme Learning Solutions is ideally positioned to grow its footprint in the online Higher Education market, which has grown exponentially from $100 billion in 2009 and is expected to reach over $370 billion by 2026.”

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