GoHenry launches Money Missions, an in-app gamified education tool, to aid kids’ financial literacy

The prepaid debit card and financial learning app GoHenry aims to close the gap in financial literacy

GoHenry, a pioneer in kids’ debit cards, money management and financial education, today introduced Money Missions, accelerating the company’s ambitions to close the gap in early financial literacy for Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

GoHenry is a prepaid debit card and financial learning app for kids aged 6-18, and provides gamified financial education lessons to help fill the financial literacy gap. It aims to engage kids with motivating, fun, and rewarding interactive learning

Developed with teachers and financial education experts, including UK charity MyBnk, each lesson is linked to national financial education guidelines. Using the app, kids will explore the origins of money, and the role finance plays in our daily lives in fun and interactive missions.

Money Missions are fun, interactive lessons designed to build confidence, literacy, and curiosity in 6-18-year-olds:

  • Money Missions cover a full curriculum including money basics, earning, saving, investing, responsible spending, credit, money safety, and more.
  • Kids watch animated videos, take quizzes, and earn points and badges while gaining real-world experience with money.
  • The missions are developed with teachers and financial experts and mapped to age-appropriate education guidelines in the US and UK.
  • Tailored to the age of the child, as kids go through the missions, levels are unlocked and adjusted to their age, skills and confidence.

Alex Zivoder, CEO of GoHenry, said: “We’ve always had a simple mission which is to help kids be smart with money. With 60 million kids and teens in the US and UK alone that have not been adequately served with financial education, Money Missions is one of the ways we are bridging this gap with a hands-on app experience to turn financial education into a motivating, fun, and rewarding way for kids to build confidence with money.

“It’s a really strong complement to our innovative debit card, banking, and payment functionality. With Money Missions, GoHenry will continue to be the place kids and teens learn the foundational blocks of personal finance and gain real-world money skills necessary for their future.”

87% of teens have trouble making everyday spending decisions

Research from the University of Cambridge shows that children form their attitudes and habits towards money by age 7, and 87% of teens have trouble making everyday spending decisions.

A recent GoHenry survey found that even among parents, 89% said they would have made better financial decisions if they received financial education before the age of 18.

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