Metaverse opens new era of opportunities for content creators

Experts at Lickd have shared a guide exploring what the metaverse could mean for those who create content for a living

The metaverse has recently been in the spotlight for hosting Facebook’s transformation from a social media organisation to a metaverse company. 

The virtual ‘universe’ combines multiple elements of technology, with virtual reality, augmented reality, and video coming together to create a digital reality of its own. Users can ‘live’ in this world by exploring, interacting, and playing. 

Experts at digital platform Lickd have revealed what this new era of the metaverse could mean for those who create content for a living, such as the YouTube content creators they work with, in a new guide for anyone who might be interested in learning more. 

The research includes top tips for creators who are wanting to become a part of the metaverse, such as finding the right equipment to creating your first piece of content. 

Do your research

The guide advises that before you purchase any equipment, research on the metaverse is key. Ensuring you’re committed to exploring 3D realities will prepare you for taking your content to the next level. 

Try signing up for Google alerts by following the term ‘metaverse’, or follow sites and writers who publish content surrounding the topic. This will ensure you’re kept up to date with trends and updates. 

Browsing equipment

The research also suggests that creators who want to get a headstart on the metaverse can experiment with 3D realities through Facebook Horizon. 

If you’re interested in purchasing an Oculus 2 headset, you can begin to create your 3D avatar which will allow you to experience a range of metaverse opportunities such as meeting other people and hosting events. 

Interacting with communities

The guide encourages people who want to get involved to build connections with other creators, journalists, brands and 3D communities. 

The sooner you can meet others in the metaverse community, the sooner you’ll become immersed in the experience and likely build your presence and growth on your social media channels. 

This is also a great way to boost your confidence in the field. Establishing your authority in the community could drive you to hosting a 3D event or partnering with a brand in the metaverse.

The new guide from Lickd also shared tips and tricks on music licensing and copyright for the metaverse, which is the area the platform specialises in. You can access the resource in full here to find out more.

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