Tableau launches free online learning program to improve kids’ data literacy

Children can learn about data capture and visualisation through fun, new educational program

US-based company Tableau Data Kids offers fun, educational information for kids (ages 5 – 13) to consume, while teaching them about data collection and visualisation of data. Through engaging activities and interactive visualisations, Tableau is inspiring kids to explore the data all around them, to aid data literacy.

Tableau launches free online learning program to improve kids' data literacy
The Spells of Harry Potter. Author: Skyler Johnson

The program aims to help parents who are home teaching to help them better understand how data skills are becoming more important in society, by equipping them with the right tools and resources for educational success, to improve kids’ data literacy.

Online resources

The online teaching program comprises webinars, interactive visualisation galleries, blog posts (how-tos, tips & tricks) and additional resources.

The program is built around the following four pillars to help foster stronger data exploration:

  • Encourage observation and curiosity
  • Support creativity and imagination
  • Make comparisons
  • Iterate 


Tableau has been at the forefront of helping organisations understand the pandemic and its data visualisation analytics is widely used in the media. By sharing new approaches and resources to learning about data, Tableau is empowering the next generation of thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators.

To learn more about Tableau Data Kids, plus the demand for data skills in today’s and future workforce and the impact it needs to have on the education curriculum, please visit:

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