Leading Indian edtech company to provide career counselling for tech professions

Great Learning empowers aspiring technologists with free career advice and guidance from recognised domain experts

Leading Indian edtech company Great Learning has launched a career counselling service for aspiring tech professionals, providing free employment guidance and advice for students hoping to secure a job in tech-focused roles.

Enabling participants to make better informed career decisions, the unique sessions – delivered by mid-managers, CXOs and recognised domain experts – delve into cutting edge fields such as analytics, data science, product management, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity and general management.

To sign up for the sessions, prospective students can nominate themselves until 14 November, booking a slot through the links shared Great Learning’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. The programme will be delivered this month, as per the mentor and mentees availability. Launched as part of the #NewBeginning campaign, the initiative strives to empower both students and professionals with actionable career insights derived from first-hand industry experience.

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While the global economy has been massively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have adapted to a new normality, with many re-launching their hiring campaign in the last few weeks or months. To make the most of this opportunity and secure the most sought-after jobs, it’s crucial that the public knows of the options available to them, allowing them to identify skill gaps and ensure a successful career transition.

“People often have doubts about their career choices and decisions at various stages of their journey,” said Aparna Mahesh, CMO of Great Learning. “Today, COVID has made people across industries want to understand much more about future-proof career options. Through this initiative, we are making efforts to assist people in making the right choices for the new normal world that can help in accelerating their career growth. Through the knowledge and industry experience of our key counsellors, if we would be able to power individuals by providing them the right direction, we would be contributing in a small way to their new beginnings.”

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