New FutureLearn Campus to support a digital revolution in higher education

The platform launch is timely as more students than ever before are accessing higher education online

The leading social platform FutureLearn has announced the launch of FutureLearn Campus – a brand-new platform that allows its partners (which include 25% of the world’s top universities) to grant millions of current students and staff unlimited access to the short courses available via FutureLearn.

With more than 485,000 international students choosing to study in the UK this year and more students than ever before accessing university offerings online, there has never been a greater need for flexibility and accessibility across the sector.

Distance learning tools and solutions can help fulfil this demand, enabling students to benefit from education from any device anywhere in the world.

FutureLearn’s short courses are ideal for their open delivery, allowing students to join a global learning community or slip into private cohorts with additional features – including high-touch support. Staff and students can sign in through their university account and enjoy free access to premium features.

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Through virtual spaces like FutureLearn Campus, universities serve the needs of an increasingly globalised and digitally-minded student population, while simultaneously providing invaluable lifelong learning opportunities for staff – a necessary shift towards easing the growing teacher crisis, with 72% of teachers agreeing that they would like to spend more time on personalised student support, exam preparation and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

“At FutureLearn, we believe that high quality education should be as accessible and flexible as possible,” said Justin Cooke, chief content and partnerships officer at FutureLearn.

“In an increasingly digitalised society, FutureLearn Campus will provide universities with the tools they need to share their content with students and staff all over the world while bridging that cap with their online and in-person offerings,” he added.

“Of course, at the moment, due to the coronavirus outbreak, we know online learning is high on universities’ agendas as they do their best to support their staff and students to continue their studies as normal. We’re working closely with a lot of our partners to support them to do this and we hope FutureLearn Campus is a help at this time.”

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