New York schools to receive US$111m for edtech and security upgrades

The funding forms part of the state’s US$2bn edtech strategy

Hundreds of schools across New York state will receive more than US$111 million to invest in education technology and upgrade their security measures.

The funding forms part of the Smart Schools Bond Act, established in 2014. The edtech initiative authorised the issuance of US$2bn in general obligation bonds to finance improved edtech and infrastructure to boost learning outcomes in schools state-wide.

Among the plans for New York’s Smart Schools are high-speed broadband or wireless connectivity, and the procurement of new learning technology equipment – such as computers, tablets, interactive whiteboards and 3D printers.

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Officials claim that 133 Smart Schools Investment Plans were approved for 111 school district and eight special education schools. Within them is a projection for more than US$50m for cutting-edge security, approximately US$44m for school connectivity and classroom devices, US$11m for the removal of outdated tech, and a furtherUS$4.5m to expand tech facilities in kindergartens and private schools.

Click here to view a full list of schools and award money.

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