[RE]LEARN festival bids to ‘unleash a new lifelong learning paradigm’

Virtually gathering more than 200 speakers from over 40 countries, festival organisers say that the pandemic has left education requiring a step-change in thinking

A new festival is bidding to inspire positive change in education worldwide.

Set to run in virtual form next month, the festival invites educators from all over the world to take part in a programme convening more than 200 speakers from over 40 countries.

With so many education systems in thrall to COVID-19, an event designed to spark fresh thinking in the sector could not be timelier, according to Christopher Pommerening, founder of [RE]LEARN organiser, Learnlife.

“Students are currently being prepared for a world that doesn’t exist anymore,” he says. “The pandemic has disrupted education systems everywhere.

“Now is the time to unleash a new lifelong learning paradigm for everyone.”

To that end, [RE]LEARN will host over 270 expert sessions and more than 90 workshops, together with networking opportunities.

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Topics slated to be covered include leading change, creativity and remote learning, entrepreneurship, equity, and wellbeing.

Among the confirmed speakers are:

  • Lord Michael HastingsChancellor of Regents University London and professor of leadership at Stephen R. Covey Institute, as well as former global head of corporate citizenship for KPMG and, from 2003-06, the BBC’s first head of corporate responsibility
  • Richard Wurman – best known as the founder of TED conferences
  • Esther Wojcicki – founder of both Moonshots for Education and Palo Alto High School’s media arts program
  • Margret Rasfeld –f ounder of Schule im Aufbruch, an initiative advocating holistic and transformative education in line with the UNESCO World Action Plan on Education for Sustainable Development
  • Eduard Vallory  – founder and director of Escola Nova 21, a Barcelona-based alliance of schools and other public and civil society institutions backing an advanced education system
  • Jaz Ampaw-Farrbounced back from travails on television (“Being fired in the first week of The Apprentice wasn’t great, but embracing and engaging with that failure brought about a huge reframe”) to head HumanFirst leadership courses

[RE]LEARN will be held online from November 9-20. Click here for further information.

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