World’s top 10 secluded WiFi hotspots ranked

Idyllic backdrops that support the global remote working revolution

With the UK still well and truly submerged in its third national lockdown, the concept of international travel can seem light years away. But this is by no means the only place still bound by travel restrictions, with countries on every continent feeling the shackles of the ongoing pandemic.

But even when travel resumes, the remote working measures implemented in response to the crisis are likely to remain in some form or other. Whatever shape this new society assumes, fast and reliable WiFi access will be key to supporting a more flexible working life.

In light of this, a new study by Small Business Prices unveils the world’s most secluded – and stunning – WiFi hotspots that could satisfy your cravings for nature, all while allowing you to stay connected and thrive in your remote profession. This is work-life balance at its finest: tick-off your morning to-do list via a network that’s stable and secure, then spend your lunch breaks exploring some of the most breath-taking natural landscapes on the globe.

The Most Secluded Areas to Work study analysed locations across the UK, Europe and the US, delving into metrics such as the monthly cost of rent, number of WiFi spots and cafes with good WiFi, distance to the nearest airport, distance to the sea, as well as the number of green spaces among UK locations.

Here are the top 10 overall highest-scoring secluded areas for all WiFi metrics:

  1. Interlaken, Switzerland
  2. Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, Denmark
  3. Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway
  4. St Augustine, Florida, USA
  5. Sedona, Arizona, USA
Image source: Tim Mossholder/Unsplash
  1. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
  2. Fairfield, Iowa, USA
  3. Bar Harbor, Maine, USA
  4. Moab, Utah, USA
  5. Albarracin, Spain

*All WiFi metrics include the number of WiFi spots, number of cafes with WiFi, average mobile download/upload speed and average broadband download/upload speed

In terms of WiFi metrics, Interlaken, Switzerland, ranks best overall, scoring the highest in the study for total number of WiFi spots (2,596), mobile upload speed (20 Mpbs) and broadband download speed (166 Mpbs).

When it came to the speediest broadband upload speed, Albarracin in the hills of east-central Spain was best overall, harbouring speeds of 126 Mpbs, while also providing good download speeds at 142 Mpbs.

“Without their own dedicated private outdoor space, remote workers will need to incorporate time outside into their daily schedule”

Those who live for coffee shop working might want to head to the village of Lymm in Cheshire, England (when restrictions allow, of course!), which has a total of nine cafes with good WiFi access to choose from – the most out of all locations reviewed in the study.

Top 5 cheapest places to work remotely

On top of measuring each place against metrics for seclusion, the study also ranked the most affordable for those seeking a change of scene while working on a budget.

Whether you’d like to rent a temporary home or book an Airbnb for a week or two, these cheap and yet beautifully secluded destinations would be ideal for you:

Rank Overall cheapest (average of rent + Airbnb) Cheapest monthly rent Average monthly rent (£) Cheapest Airbnb daily rent Average Airbnb daily rate (£)
1 Hvar, Croatia Hvar, Croatia £185 Kotor, Montenegro £55
2 Český, Krumlov, Czech Republic Český, Krumlov, Czech Republic £206 Barrow/Utqiagvik, Alaska, USA £59
3 Bled, Slovenia Bled, Slovenia £225 Fairfield, Iowa, USA £60
4 Fairfield, Iowa, USA Fairfield, Iowa, USA £341 Český, Krumlov, Czech Republic £65
5 Kotor, Montenegro Kotor, Montenegro £368 Hvar, Croatia £69

*To find USD value, multiply by 1.32. To find value in Euros, multiply by 1.12

Hvar, Croatia, is the most affordable remote working location, with the lowest average price for monthly rent and a night at an Airbnb combined. This picturesque island town harbours the lowest average price for monthly rent out of all locations, standing as a great choice for a longer stay.

Looking for a working vacation for just one week or two? Try the coastal town of Kotor, Montenegro, which offers the cheapest average daily Airbnb rates for just £55 per night.

Therapist Sally Baker commented on the importance of connecting with the outdoors while working remotely, saying: “Those who have the room to set up a separate work area and a balcony or garden for taking a break are in the best position for protecting their mental health. For others with less physical space and less [advantageous] circumstances, remote working can feel more stressful and oppressive, which will impact negatively on their mental health.

“Without their own dedicated private outdoor space, remote workers will need to incorporate time outside into their daily schedule. Plus, Vitamin D is only produced while outside, preferably in sunshine, and is essential in helping to ward off depression.”

Main image source: Etienne Bösiger/Unsplash

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