13-year-olds worst at submitting homework on time

13-year-olds are least likely to submit their homework on time, it has been revealed.

The independent survey of 2,000 secondary school students was carried out by school learning tool Firefly. It also found that around one million pieces of homework are handed in late every single day.

The graph shows the dramatic ‘age-13 dip’ which recovers before students complete their GCSEs

Students aged 12 are, on average, the most punctual and complete homework before the deadline. After a years’ dip, there is a steady increase in students’ punctuality. At 67%, 13-year-olds are least likely to complete their homework on time.

Attitudes towards homework at this age are – unsurprisingly – the most negative of secondary school students. 54% think homework shouldn’t be set and 45% least likely to think homework adds to their overall learning experience. On average, secondary school students receive six pieces of homework a week and spend an hour on homework every night

Joe Mathewson, co-founder of Firefly, attributed the dip to: “At age 13, you’re new to being a teenager, you’ve found your feet at secondary school and GCSEs aren’t quite in sight yet. But looking beyond this, most don’t complete homework because they don’t feel confident to get it right.”

The study also uncovered a number of interesting facts about homework habits.

One-in-three students regularly make excuses about homework and they consider YouTube to be the biggest distraction.

Mathematics homework is the assignment most students are likely to avoid.

When it comes to receiving parental assistance, 73% of students polled reported that their Mum was the biggest help, while only 53% said their Dad.

Finally, the study also found that students in independent schools are less likely to complete their homework on time – only 59% of private school students completed homework punctually, compared to 73% of state-educated counterparts.

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