5 things you need to know in time for the D2L webinar

Learn the role of VLEs in delivering strategic success

Education Technology and University Business are delighted to announce their latest free webinar, in conjunction with the University of Huddersfield, the University of Suffolk, and D2L. We’ll be discussing and reviewing the effect VLEs have had on their institutions and the scope for impact on the HE sector as a whole. We’ll conclude by handing over to our audience for a Q&A session, so you can pick our experts’ minds on anything VLE-related.

  1. What time is the webinar?

3:30pm, Thursday 11th October 2018

  1. Who are the speakers?

Representing University of Suffolk will be Ellen Buck, Head of Learning Services.

Ellen has project-managed the creation of new blended learning degree apprenticeships and International Foundation programmes at the university. Her work to design the academic experience for the apprentices joining the university involved the implementation of the new online learning environment, Brightspace. Now learning is delivered in a way that fosters interaction with the university community and supports those learning in their working environments.

Representing University of Huddersfield will be Andy Raistrick, Business Analyst and Project Manager, Learning Technologies.

Andy has been instrumental in the increased adoption of learning technologies at the University of Huddersfield, developing and delivering a range of staff development courses and promoting the use of technology to enhance pedagogical practice across the institution.

His technical background, coupled with project management skills and understanding of pedagogy, allows him to communicate effectively with technical, administrative and academic staff. In 2017, he undertook a project to analyse the learning technology business requirements of the university, and subsequently project-managed the procurement and implementation of the VLE, Brightspace.

  1. What are the discussion points?

Ellen will cover the value of modern VLE technology in delivering apprenticeships. This will include how to harness the power of mobile technology, learning analytics and more, to support the delivery of flexible, engaging degree apprenticeships that attract the 21st century learner.

Brightspace is currently being developed for students taking part in University of Suffolk’s new blended learning degree apprenticeship programmes in nursing, social worker and Police constabulary. It will then be implemented across the entire university. She says: “the apprentices are often working remotely, therefore require a mobile, adaptable learning platform that enables them to work around their employment. Brightspace is fantastic as it supports a blended learning approach, which gives our students the flexibility to learn wherever and whenever they need to.”

Andy will cover how to transform online teaching. He says: “We are rapidly moving from an online, passive content repository to a truly collaborative, interactive online learning experience. At the same time, a combination of some of the new affordances of Brightspace, coupled with changes in internal processes will allow us to reduce administration and use learning analytics to improve retention and attainment.”

  1. Why you should register?

If you would like to hear first-hand how HE institutions have been implementing virtual learning environments, along with anecdotal evidence of success they’ve seen, then don’t miss this opportunity to explore how VLEs could transform online learning at your university.

  1. Where do I sign up?

To register to view the webinar please click here.