88% of workplaces missing out on 3D printing tech

UK businesses aren’t keeping abreast of the latest revolutionary technological developments in 3D printing

A new survey by 3D printing specialists King of Servers has uncovered the slow take-up of 3D printing technology by many UK workplaces.

More than half of the UK’s workforce lack of awareness about the revolutionary benefits of 3D printing, which could hold back the economy.

According to the survey, 88% of respondents do not have a 3D printer in their workplace. Only 6% of respondents said their workplace had invested in one to date – a further 6% said they did not know if it had or not.

Almost ten years after Bre Prettis, co-founder of 3D printing company MakerBot, announced the revolutionary technology, some 57% of respondents said they were either unaware, very unaware or did not know about the benefits of 3D printing in the workplace.

From King of Servers, Simon Thomas, said: “I see every day how 3D printing can transform what is possible for UK businesses in a whole host of private and public sectors, so it is disappointing to know that the vast majority of people across the country are not being given the chance to work with this revolutionary technology.”   

63% went on to state that, to the best of their knowledge, their employer was not planning on purchasing a 3D printer and 45% said they did not know to what extent their company could be improved with a 3D printer.

However, the data showed that among the few that did work with a 3D printer, 58% would recommend the technology to another company or peer within their sector.

“The data, as well as anecdotal evidence when working with companies, shows that once a business invests in 3D printing, they find it hard to imagine going without the cost savings, return on investment and creativity that comes with it,” Simon Thomas continued.

“I believe this lack of adoption could really begin to harm UK companies, setting the UK economy back further than economic rivals like the US. This is why we at King of Servers are passionate about bringing a better understanding of 3D printing to business,” he concluded.

According to Sculpteo’s most recent State of 3D Printing report, Americans have more experience than Europeans when it comes to 3D printing (3.13 years compared to 2.82 years), while 3D printing is more integrated in American companies’ strategies (43% versus 34%). In addition, the report stated American firms tend to spend more money on external 3D printing services than their European counterparts.

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