A call to arts: Graeme Coleman

The man from SLS Select Education is the second interviewee in our series exploring how to emphasise the connection between STEM and the arts

In your opinion, is the connection between STEM and the arts still important?

Yes the link between STEM and the arts is very important. For too long, students have been pigeonholed as either science or arts students, and the cross over and mutual benefits of bringing the two subjects together is vast.

Do you think the connection between STEM and the arts is more important in a school or university setting, or is it the same across the board?

It’s the same across the board. As a supplier of school, university and industrial equipment, we see that the demand is top down. The industry is asking for this and so this demand is filtering down, hence why it is becoming popular in schools now. 

Have you seen any particular developments in the STEAM arena over the last 12 months?

There has been a big increase in after-school STEAM clubs being formed, when previously they were just STEM-focused. Schools are looking to bodies like the National Science Learning Centres to assist them with moving from STEM to STEAM. We hosted our own conference in Nottingham in May and STEAM club activities was one of the seminar sessions we ran because of demand from our school customers.

Is technology playing an important role in STEAM, and if so how?

Yes, there are many benefits to using technology in STEAM (as there are across the curriculum if it’s used correctly). Investigating Digital Music is one very popular STEAM example.

Do you have any examples of education providers that are emphasizing the connection between STEM and the arts particularly well?

STEM Learning operate out of the National Science Learning Centre and are pushing STEAM very well.

How can education providers continue to ensure that the connection between STEM and the arts is emphasised for today’s students?

Funding and staff training are key for this from what we have seen.

SLS Select Education: science2education.co.uk


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