A new era for arts education

Fiona Lindsay, Creative Producer at DT+, examines the increasingly important role technology has to play in arts education

Students today demand materials to be delivered in a different form. One which is integrated into their usual data consumption; using tools and devices that are familiar to them. And available where and when they need them. The definition of ‘live’ is changing – becoming more multi-faceted and complex.

Improvements in streaming technology have facilitated easy dissemination of performance in the classroom, offering teachers a greater range of tools to engage their students and deepen understanding of texts and performance, whatever their ability or learning style.

Digital resources enable an inclusive arts education; one that ensures access to high quality, relevant and motivational experiences of theatre and performance, irrespective of geographic or economic boundaries.

Technology means access to the arts on a global scale

The use of digital resources can improve student engagement and exam results, by bringing plays on the drama and English curriculum to life.

With Digital Theatre, students are now able to study the arts in new ways, with the freedom to digest and experience a play on their own terms. From the simple ability to re-watch a captured performance, pulling out key scenes, pausing, and rewinding, to the access now available for students to curriculum-linked interviews and written content – technology is enabling access on a global scale.

Our subscribing teachers tell us they save on average 4-5 hours a week in planning time by using DT+, and have seen their students’ exam grades increase by 35%, with employability increasing by 36%.

Finding new ways to engage students in key texts, in a format they are familiar with, can be tough. Curated digital platforms like Digital Theatre can remove some of the obstacles, meaning teachers can spend time on what they do best: teaching.

W: digitaltheatreplus.com/education

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