Academic Stories connects minds across the world online

The new network from Academic Positions allows academics from around the world to share knowledge across all disciplines

Internationalization is a priority for researchers, universities, and policy makers. It is vital for academic progress and to find solutions to global problems like climate change, economic disparity, and isolationism. It is only through extensive international academic collaboration that we can find solutions to these challenges. To support international research, Academic Positions has created a new digital platform, Academic Stories, where research is made accessible and inspiring.

Academic Positions, a European career network for academics founded in 2009, is launching a new initiative today called Academic Stories to support international mobility and knowledge exchange among young researchers. Academic Stories is a digital platform where PhD students, Postdocs, and young academics from all over the world are invited to share their stories and insights with both other academics and the public. 

Academic Stories aims to facilitate public communication of science and to translate academic research to a wider audience. No field of study is off limits; from marketing to nanotechnology and economics to anthropology, Academic Stories features researchers from a variety of disciplines.

“There is an emphasis now on teaching young researchers to communicate their own research, but many of the ones we’ve met didn’t have a suitable channel to make their voices heard. Through Academic Stories, young researchers get the chance to inspire others with their research stories — and we have many fascinating ones on the site. It is also a way to open doors and offer insights to different universities in other parts of the world,” says John Galanis, Founder of Academic Positions. 

Academic Stories’ values and the problems it seeks to solve are evident in story categories such as Emphasizing Equality, Inspiring Ideas, and Science for Humanity.

Erik Björkander, CEO of Academic Positions adds that, “Critical thinking is the cornerstone of academic training and a driver of social progress. We hope that Academic Stories will inspire more young people to choose academic careers and help oppose some of the negative forces that threaten to impact our society”. 

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