Accelerating Digital Transformation in HE Online Event

The inaugural edtech conference will be available on March 28th 2017 for general online attendance

On March 7th, Education Technology, University Business, and CoSector, University of London hosted Accelerating Digital Transformation in Higher Education at Senate House, London. 

Over 200 delegates from universities across the UK and beyond attended the conference and heard from a number of digital experts about some of the most relevant and visionary topics within the education and tech sectors at present. 

Jeremy WaiteIBM Evangelist led an all-star speaker line-up to discuss the future of HE’s digital transformation journey. Topics covered included:

  • The Future of the Student Experience
How to Educate for the Post-AI World

  • Why ICT Should be Invisible  

Following on from the success of the live event, all presentations and panel discussions will soon be available virtually, through a bespoke online platform. Taking place on March 28th, from 10am – 5pm, the online event will mirror the live event, complete with a virtual networking area, sponsor hall, and live polls and discussion capability. The event is completely free, and attendance can be registered easily, here.

For those that were not able to attend the live event, this is a unique chance to experience the varied expert presentations, and network with like-minded professionals. Attendees will be able to access keynote presentations from speakers and panelists, chat with speakers and other delegates, and download information and supporting literature on the topic of digital transformation in higher education.

An institutional malaise needs to be overcome if left-field players are not to capture the imagination (and £s) of learners seeking to embrace the premium of creative skills.

Conference speaker Carla Aerts, Director of Futures at UCL Institute of Education, commented: “Higher Education is reaching a tipping point, where traditional models may no longer match the needs of students and a fast-changing workplace. Internationalisation vs Brexit and Visa Restrictions as well a protectionist interventions may stem the flow of international students being able to come to the UK as easily as they used to. On-campus provision does not always align to the fast-technological and online progress that increasingly rule our lives. Time for Higher Education to formulate a strategic response. The question is whether they can realize that response by themselves.”

The increasing need for digital transformation across the HE sector was the main concern of many of the conference’s speakers and sponsors. Sophie Bailey, creator of The EdTech Podcast and media partner for the event commented, “Universities are battling to avoid a ‘drop out’ culture from their brightest entrepreneurial students. International students are increasingly savvy about employability ROI and business as usual will not cut it. An institutional malaise needs to be overcome if left-field players are not to capture the imagination (and £s) of learners seeking to embrace the premium of creative skills.”

The future of higher education in the UK is now heavily in the hands of technological capability, and keeping up with digital advancements is more important than ever, making events like this one ever more pertinent.

To take part in the event, attendees will need to register, and will then receive an email with login details and a link to the event. All content will be available as part of a scheduled event on March 28th, and on demand thereafter.

For any enquiries prior to the event, please  Education Technology.

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