Acer for Education renews Innovative School Programme for 2020

The programme will support schools in their digital transformation

Acer for Education has renewed the Innovative School Programme for 2020 and will meet the schools participating in the programme at the Teachers Advisory Council in Barcelona. It will be a two-day event that brings teachers together from across EMEA, giving them the opportunity to share ideas and learn how technology can help improve learning outcomes.

Technology is an enabler. It helps to break down barriers as it allows teachers to develop new, immersive and inclusive learning experiences. As a result, more and more schools that have integrated technology in their approach to teaching and learning are finding it helps students to boost their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, learn anytime, anywhere and improve academic results.

The Acer for Education Innovative School Programme is a tribute to those schools that have embraced technology as a means to give students new personalised and engaging ways to learn the abilities they will need to succeed in school and life. The programme is targeted at all EMEA schools that are taking the path of digital transformation. Whether they are just starting or are pioneers, these schools are committed to helping each student reach their potential and follow their dreams through innovation and technology.

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Schools enrolled in the programme can enjoy benefits such as:

● Attending EMEA Teachers Advisory Council

● Participating in webinars on a range of up-to-date topics

● Sharing stories on Acer for Education’s blog

● Receiving two demo devices per year to keep abreast of new tech

● Encouraging students to develop a positive community-centred approach through Acer Project Humanity.

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