Aeromines: revolutionising R&D with IBM HPC Cloud

WATCH: A story of a ground-breaking collaboration between IBM and France’s leading engineering school

Aeromines is a unique project made with IBM’s HPC Cloud technology that brings students, researchers and industries together in a secure, flexible and collaborative environment – reducing the costs of complex computational modelling, providing unlimited storage and total security and shortening the time taken to test new ideas by 91%.

Aeromines is a project devised by Elie Hachem of Ecole Des Mines, the most prestigious engineering school in France. His company Transvalor has a 20-year track record providing complex mathematical models and modelling software for students, researchers and industrial scientists as they design and test new technologies.

This collaboration between students, leading academics and real industries gives the Ecole Des Mines a unique strength in practical eduction – and give those industries that collaborate with the school a cutting edge in terms of research and innovation.

After spending some time at Stamford Elie was inspired to create an online space that would provide the same powerful computing power, but on a pay-as-you-need model in order to reduce overheads for the school – and would be supported by a community that connected industry leaders with specialist researchers and students in the field. He applied for and won an IBM technology grant, and in this video he discusses the transformational effect of the partnership with IBM, and the features of the Aeromines platform with IBM’s systems architect Benoit Vautrin.

High Performance Computing Cloud (HPC Cloud) is IBM’s hybrid cloud offering for the enterprise, combining cutting edge technology and up-to-date security with unlimited storage, encrypted resources and networking tools, and scalable computing power that can use any number of parallel servers according to demand. This on-demand capability makes HPC Cloud a cost-effective solution for industries that have complex software, modelling or data processing needs.


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