Arckit building blocks in education

A modelling system first designed for architects is making waves in boosting STEM subjects in schools

Arckit was invented as a tool for designers but has jumped across to the education market after it became a word of mouth hit with youngsters.

The modelling kit is now for sale in shops including Harrods and Barnes & Noble – as well as online through stores including Amazon.

The product was invented by architect Damien Murtagh after he decided to offer his clients 3D models rather than computer imagery. 

Arckit has really taken off as an educational tool in schools as it complements STEM initiatives (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Students can learn how to physically design buildings intuitively. Another added value of Arckit is that the components are also freely available digitally within SketchUp, enabling the translation of your finished physical models into a 3D CAD model.

Mr Murtagh said: “Minecraft has certainly had an effect in making modelling cool again. What Arckit does is take the interest in modelling and brings it back to the real world with a three dimensional physical product.’