Solar power education programme launched in New York

Enlighten, an initiative to teach NYC students about solar power, has been launched with the Dock Street School in Dumbo, Brooklyn

The initiative, run by solar lighting company MPowerd, is based in New York City, and is teaming up with local schools to bring solar technology expertise and schools’ STEAM focus together. 

At Dock Street School, MPowerd employees created a lesson plan and spent a full class brainstorming disaster relief inventions, and building solar lights from MPowerd kits. 

The Enlighten programme aims to teach children about the benefits of solar power, as well as educating them on the mechanics behind the technology. 

Technology teacher at Dock Street, Sebastian Braithwaite, said: “The hands-on nature of the activities really caught the imagination of the students, and the work the MPowerd team did to contextualise the social mission of the company and the humanitarian possibilities of the lights made the activities come alive in a really powerful way.”

Following the success of the lesson at Dock Street School, Enlighten will be rolled-out to other local NYC schools, creating adaptable lesson plans and curriculum for use by teachers. 

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