BCU to help boost UK data sharing

First Data Catalyser launches in Birmingham to create new breakthroughs in data sharing

Birmingham City University has been announced as the first institution to use a suite of services that aims to help organisations share data. 

The Data Catalyser has been developed by the Digital Catapult, a not for profit organisation whose mission is to advance the UK’s best digital ideas and innovations to market. 

The two organisations have signed a partnership that aims to create new breakthroughs in data sharing.

The Data Catalyser is a unique suite of services that enables organisations to create value from mixing closed data sets. It aims to unlock opportunities for new products, services, tools, insights and innovations through sharing and mixing data among a select group of trusted and approved data specialists, which now include world–leading experts from Birmingham City University.

The Data Catalyser has the potential to deliver massive impacts for the UK economy, utilising data to offer more personalised services and improve efficiency in areas such as commerce, transport, information and communications technology (ICT), education and healthcare.

Birmingham City University will install and operate the West Midlands Data Catalyser as a regional and national hub for the unlocking and smart use of currently closed or proprietary data and will be working with a wide range of organisations. These organisations include Birmingham City Council, the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP), the West Midlands Combined Authority and businesses – both big and small – across the UK.

Professor Julian Beer, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research, Enterprise and Business Engagement at Birmingham City University said: “Birmingham City University is fast becoming a UK centre for cross-innovation that bridges the flow of knowledge between research, learning and doing, and builds on international best practice. We are utilising our academic community, our infrastructure our varied programmes to tailor valued-added knowledge experiences that will facilitate unthought-of solutions. 

“Our School of Computing and Digital Technology is recognised internationally for the high quality of its research, teaching and extensive industry partnerships, making us the perfect location for the first Data Catalyser outside of the capital.” 

Andrew Carr, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Catapult added: “The Digital Catapult is here to develop breakthroughs for the UK’s data sharing movement and through licensing the Data Catalyser to select organisations, we will be able to accelerate the safe links between data innovators, startups, scaleups and data challenge owners across all sectors to deliver new shared innovation and productivity. 

“The Data Catalyser has been created to help advance the UK’s data sharing potential and we are delighted that Birmingham City University will be our first partner.”

w: www.bcu.ac.uk